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And the Winner Is…

More than 5,600 people participated in the first Rasmussen Challenge of 2013, with an average of 2,100 people playing weekly. Our first winner for the year is Steve Arthur of Santa Fe, NM.

Since mid-January, the weekly online contest gave participants the chance to accumulate points for correctly (or almost correctly) predicting what the public response would be to specific poll questions. Unlike the initial competition in 2012 in which the leaderboard was fairly consistent each week, the 2013 challenge was a real horse race with a new person topping the leaderboard just about every week.

Arthur, who was in fifth place at the time we asked the second-to-last contest question, ended up finishing the challenge seven points ahead of the next closest competitor.

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“I was really surprised,” he said of his victory, “I thought I was way off on the last question, so I couldn’t believe it when that’s what pushed me to the top.”

The final challenge question asked participants to predict, “What percent of American Adults said they have a VERY FAVORABLE opinion of Jackie Robinson?” Only three people, including Arthur, correctly predicted 36% would be the answer.

For his top ranking in the 2013 Rasmussen Challenge, Arthur wins a 16GB iPad with Retina display Wi-Fi, valued at approximately $500.

“We continue to get a great response from The Rasmussen Challenge,” Rasmussen said. “It’s not just fun for the people who participate. It’s also a good way for us to connect with our site visitors and keep them engaged in the work we’re doing.”  

Given its success with the Rasmussen Reports audience, the Rasmussen Challenge will resume later this year.  New contest details will be announced soon.

To see the final leaderboard, click here.

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