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John Budek is the Newest Rasmussen Challenge Winner

More than 5,000 people participated in the 2013 summer Rasmussen Challenge,with an average of 2,100 people playing weekly. The winner for this edition of the challenge is John Budek of Long Island City, NY.

Since late June, the weekly online contest gave participants the chance to accumulate points for correctly (or almost correctly) predicting what the public response will be to specific poll questions. In what may have been the most exciting race since launching the Rasmussen Challenge last year, the same three to four players were tied in the top running every week since the beginning of August.

But in the end, Budek's final guess tipped the scales, breaking the tie to edge out the other top contenders by four points.

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The final challenge question asked participants to predict, "What percent of American Adults said they are most likely to choose a movie based on special effects?" Only one contestant correctly guessed one percent (1%) as the answer, but Budek's answer of five percent (5%) was close enough to put him in the lead.

"I just picked a number based on what might be really important to people given the cost of going to the movies," Budek says of his victory. "I really thought I blew it on that last question, especially when I saw that on average people were predicting the answer would be 33%."

For his top ranking in the summer 2013 Rasmussen Challenge, Budek wins a 16GB iPad with Retina display Wi-Fi, valued at approximately $500. He joins previous Challenge winners Bill Kerins,Bucks County, PA and Steve Arthur, Santa Fe, NM.

Given its popularity with the Rasmussen Reports audience, the Rasmussen Challenge will resume later this year.  New contest details will be announced soon.

To see the final leaderboard, click here.

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