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Changes on RasmussenReports.com Effective Immediately Mean More Value To Members

Changes on RasmussenReports.com Effective Immediately Mean More Value To Members

Starting today, new article formatting and data access changes are being implemented on RasmussenReports.com that will result in our Platinum Members receiving even greater benefits from their paid subscriptions.

 While all visitors to our website will continue to have access to many of the daily polls and related features that our readers have come to rely on, including the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll and survey questions and toplines, a substantial amount of data, articles and other information will now be reserved exclusively for our Platinum Member site. 

Moving forward, we will be reporting some of our polling information in a tiered format, reflecting two grades of content - that which is “public” and more basic in nature and that which is “Platinum," meaning more detailed. An article designated by an “R” icon indicates that its content has been streamlined for public view to include broad-brushstroke information about a race or other topic. Platinum membership will be required for access to the full story and its more in-depth information.

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The next generation of RasmussenReports.com also includes a newly-implemented shelf-life for articles displayed on our public site.  Fifteen days after an article posts on our public site, it will be archived in the Platinum section.  So only Platinum Service members will have unlimited access to older articles, along with an array of exclusive content and special features the general public cannot see.  These added-value features include in-depth polling articles and crosstabs, detailed toplines, trend data on topical issues, exclusive analysis from Scott Rasmussen and more.

So to get the most out of our polls, become a Platinum Service member now. Go Platinum – and get more.

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