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More Than 200,000 Now Follow Rasmussen Reports on Twitter

Yesterday, the number of people following Rasmussen Reports on Twitter topped the 200,000 mark, doubling our audience in just 16 months. A following of this size further establishes Rasmussen Reports as a rapidly growing influence on the social media scene.  You can join this growing list at twitter.com/Rasmussen_Poll .
Wefollow.com ranks @RasmussenPoll as 61st on the list of most influential political tweeters, ahead of The Washington Post's Ezra Klein, Fox News' Bret Baier, Roll Call newspaper, Vice President Joe Biden and Markos Moulitsas of The Daily Kos. This site also ranks @RasmussenPoll as number nine on the list of most influential speakers on Twitter.
Scott Rasmussen provides six to 10 updates daily via Twitter focusing on the firm's latest polling releases. Regular updates include the numbers on the 2012 elections at the national, state and swing state level, President Obama's approval ratings, public reaction to current events, consumer and investor confidence, other measures of economic sentiment and findings on a wide variety of lifestyle topics.
Scott also uses Twitter to remind @RasmussenPoll followers about his weekly syndicated television show, What America Thinksweekly contest opportunities, and discount offers on subscriptions to Rasmussen Reports.
Rasmussen Reports releases data on its own web site (RasmussenReports.com). On Facebook, more than 34,000 people follow Rasmussen Reports. The firm also provides daily e-mail updates for more than 130,000 subscribers and weekly commentary to more than 41,000 subscribers.

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