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Platinum Service Members Get a New, Enhanced Look at Presidential Tracking

Rasmussen Reports is now providing new in-depth presidential tracking data exclusively for our Platinum Service members.

While topline data of who’s winning and by how much is available to the public, Platinum Members can take a much deeper dive into the numbers with daily demographic updates and a host of additional information.

The Platinum data includes daily updates on how closely various demographic groups are following the election. This is a key indicator of potential turnout. Additionally, the data measures the level of commitment offered to both candidates. Who could still change their mind? And, the data shows daily results “with leaners.” How does the race look when those who are uncommitted to either candidate are pushed to say which way they are leaning.

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Answers to all questions, including ranking of important issues, are broken down by gender, political ideology, political party, race, and age. Data for white Democrats is broken out separately. The demographic details are also provided for the president’s job approval and right track/wrong direction measurements. Additional information is provided in full week crosstabs.

In addition to this new Election 2012 data, Platinum Members receive access to crosstabs for all Rasmussen Reports polling data. And, as a Platinum Member, you can receive advance notice of upcoming polls. For complete details about Platinum Service, click here.
Platinum Service is available for $19.95/month or $199.95/year. To open a new Platinum Service account, click here. To upgrade your existing Rasmussen Reader account to Platinum, please call 732.776.9777x205.

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