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Scott Rasmussen Makes Top 100 "Dream Talk Show Interview Guests" of 2010 List

Rasmussen ranks 15th out of 1150 in an independent agency survey

NEW YORK, NY (January 19, 2010)-- The results are in from the poll of the Top 100 "Dream" Interview Guests of 2010, conducted by InterviewGuests.com in conjunction with other PR agencies and professionals throughout the broadcast media business.

Scott Rasmussen, author, independent pollster and founder/president of Rasmussen Reports, the electronic media company that specializes in the collection and distribution of public opinion data, ranks 15th on the list. That positions him as a more desirable interview ahead of such notable personalities as actor Johnny Depp,  Kiss frontman Gene Simmons and presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

The complete list of winners from the independent survey are posted here

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Ballots were distributed to18,000 members of the news media. In the historic poll of 1150 nominees, representing a 'Who's Who' of the world, personalities from the fields of Politics and Entertainment dominated the top 100 list. Although there were Nobel Laureates, genius scientists and other noteworthy people nominated, after more than 1000 votes were cast, the three most popular categories boiled down to #1: Politicians, #2: Talk Show Hosts, and #3: Actors.

There were many surprises in the Dream Interview Guests survey, including Oprah Winfrey finishing #510. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann finished third, just behind #1 Rush Limbaugh and #2 Glenn Beck. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio finished 6th. And George W. Bush finished in a four-way tie for 17th place with pro-family film critic Dr. Ted Baehr, Talk Host Mark Levin and columnist Michelle Malkin.

The 'dream guests' ballot not only allowed members of the news media to vote for both the best guests they had personally interviewed, but they were also able to vote for fantasy guests they had not been able to land for their talk shows. The ballot was essentially an industry ‘wish list’ of the best of the best-- any guests in the world that hosts wish they could interview. The only prerequisite for the voting was that the guests had to be alive--Sorry Elvis!

And now many from this dream list of interview guests are available for interviews. Requests and inquiries about the survey may be directed to poll coordinator Bruce Mack of InterviewGuests.com at: bruce@guestinterviews.com.  Any questions specific to the work of Scott Rasmussen and Rasmussen Reports may be directed to Rasmussen’s communication director Debra Falk at debra.falk@rasmussenreports.com.

Please note: Rasmussen Reports was not involved with any aspect of conducting this poll. 

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