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Take Advantage of New Limited-Time Discount on Yearly Rasmussen Reader Accounts

Asbury Park, NJ – August 15, 2012 — The Rasmussen Reader subscription service has grown dramatically since we introduced it last year, and we'd like to thank our visitors for their continued support by again offering a 12-month Rasmussen Reader Subscription for $24.95 -- a savings of 28% off the regular yearly price.

This limited time offer runs from August 15, 2012 - October 1, 2012. Sign up today!  

The Rasmussen Reader promotional offer is open to all site visitors, regardless of whether you are opening a new yearly subscription or already have an active monthly or yearly account. For those who have an existing account, this $24.95 offer will act as a 12-month extension to your current plan. For directions on how to renew your account, click here

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“This is certainly an exciting time in the political world,” said Scott Rasmussen, president and founder of Rasmussen Reports. “But public opinion is always out there, regardless of whether it’s election season or not. We want to make sure that everyone continues to have access to that information beyond the 2012 elections. You can be sure no matter who wins in November that they'll be no let-up in the national political debate.”

In 2011, Rasmussen Reports launched the Rasmussen Reader subscription service as part of a larger effort to distribute its public opinion information through a variety of media platforms.
Since then, Rasmussen Reports has added even more functionality, design and content to RasmussenReports.com, including regularly updated election pages, weekly commentary by Scott Rasmussen, nationally syndicated radio reports updated three times daily and a lot more video.

The Rasmussen Reader gives subscribers access to more than 20 articles weekly that are not available to the general public, including the latest in-depth numbers from the 2012 presidential and Senate contests.

About Rasmussen Reports

Rasmussen Reports is an electronic media company specializing in the collection, publication and distribution of public opinion polling information. It was founded by Scott Rasmussen in 2003.  Rasmussen Reports' work is followed by millions on a wide variety of media platforms. We regularly release our results at RasmussenReports.com, America's most visited public opinion website, and through a daily email newsletter,  a nationally syndicated radio news service, an online video service  and a weekly newspaper column distributed by Creators Syndicate. A nationally syndicated TV show—What America Thinks --is scheduled for launch in September 2012.

Rasmussen Reports generates original public opinion data that is relevant, timely and accurate (review our track record). The company conducts national tracking surveys every night on political, economic and lifestyle issues. Additional polls on state elections and other topics are routinely added to the mix.

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