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The People’s Money, New Book by Scott Rasmussen, Pre-order Today!

For decades, American voters have elected candidates who promised to reduce government taxes and spending, but government spending has gone up every single year since 1954. Voters don’t understand how this has happened, but recognize that the result is a massive budget deficit that threatens to pass along the burdens on to future generations. Politicians blame voters and claim that there is no public support for specific spending cuts. In his new book The People's Money: How Voters Will Balance the Budget and Eliminate the Federal Debt , Scott Rasmussen shows that claim to be a lie.

The People’s Money , to be released in January, demonstrates the surprising public support for specific measures to spend less and balance the budget, solve the financial crisis, and fix the American economy.  You can pre-order Scott’s book starting today 

A careful and comprehensive review of history, budgetary documents, and public opinion data shows that voters are far more willing than their politicians to make the hard choices needed to reduce federal spending. The People’s Money demonstrates how the American people are the solution to budget issues, rather than the problem, and shows specific proposals supported by a majority of voters that would balance the budget, completely eliminate the federal debt, and prepare the nation for the twenty-first century.

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If you’re in the holiday shopping mode, an autographed collectibles edition  of The People’s Money is also available.

Scott and his firm have developed a reputation for delivering reliable, newsworthy, and actionable public opinion data. At Slate.com, Mickey Kaus declared, “If you have a choice between Rasmussen and, say, the prestigious New York Times , go with Rasmussen.” National political commentator Michael Barone calls him “one of America’s most innovative pollsters.” 

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