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WHAT AMERICA THINKS with Scott Rasmussen

Special New Hampshire Primary Show scheduled January 9, 2012

Santa Monica, CA Recognizing the heightened interest in this upcoming presidential election year as well as the public’s curiosity in opinion polling results, Telco Productions, Inc. is launching the half-hour weekly show, What America Thinks with Scott Rasmussen. The show is scheduled for a fall, 2012 debut. Affiliate stations will also receive a daily one-minute vignette produced specifically for local newscasts and featuring a new Rasmussen poll.

As a launching pad, Telco has partnered with WBIN-TV, located in Derry, NH, to broadcast a one-hour special What New Hampshire Thinks with Scott Rasmussen. It will air in primetime at 9pm the night before New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary. WBIN is Boston-Manchester’s only locally-owned, locally-managed independent station. It’s 2.4 million homes include the entire Boston market and the vast majority of New Hampshire.

Telco has teamed up with nationally known pollster Scott Rasmussen and his electronic media company, Rasmussen Reports , to create a panel-driven weekly, drawing upon Rasmussen Reports independent public opinion polling data on the latest political, economic, business and lifestyle issues. “We are extremely excited about bringing Scott’s expertise and polling analysis to national syndication. This is truly appointment television for politically-savvy and interested viewers,” said Alex Paen, President of Telco Productions.

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Paen added that he did not preclude a slow roll-out of the show prior to the fall launch given current interest in politics and the election.

Rasmussen is a noted author, analyst, and speaker cited by virtually every major media outlet across the country.  His company’s website, www.rasmussenreports.com, and social media feeds are followed by millions of Americans and others throughout the world. “We believe this is the right show for the right time. While many political shows start with a discussion of the candidates and wonder how voters will react, we start all of our discussions from the perspective of what Americans think.” commented Rasmussen.

Barter sales will be handled by Storrs Media (3.5 local/3.5 national).

A complete list of Telco’s program offerings can be found on the company website.  www.telcoproductions.com

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