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WHAT AMERICA THINKS with Scott Rasmussen cleared on WCBS-TV

Santa Monica, CA Telco Productions has cleared WCBS-TV, New York for the launch of the half-hour weekly, What America Thinks with Scott Rasmussen , for fall, 2012. Telco has partnered with nationally known pollster Scott Rasmussen and his electronic media company, Rasmussen Reports , to create a panel-driven weekly, drawing upon Rasmussen Reports independent public opinion polling data on the latest political, economic, business and lifestyle issues. “We are extremely excited about teaming with WCBS-TV, given the station’s long history of news programming” said Alex Paen, President of Telco Productions.

Rasmussen is a noted author, analyst, and speaker cited by virtually every major media outlet across the country.  His company’s website, www.rasmussenreports.com, and social media feeds are followed by millions of Americans and others throughout the world.

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