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Black Approval for Trump Returns to Normal Range

Two weeks ago President Trump triggered a media firestorm when he criticized a longtime Democratic congressman’s job performance, saying his Baltimore district is “a rat and rodent infested mess” and “the worst run and most dangerous anywhere in the United States.”

The president has since pointed out that many of the country’s major cities have similar problems, and nearly all have been run for years by Democrats. Democratic leaders responded by calling Trump a racist, but media interviews in Baltimore and elsewhere found black residents asking the same questions the president is asking.

Last week, in the wake of that controversy, we reported a bump in black voter approval for the president. This week black voter approval of the president has returned to its typical mid 20% range.

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Some question how our surveying methods could surface results for black voters that differ from other pollsters. First up, Rasmussen Reports is the only U.S. pollster who has surveyed a continuous daily presidential approval poll of Likely Voters for over a decade. In doing so we’ve interviewed over 15,000 black likely voters each and every year.

Secondly, Rasmussen Reports uses an entirely private electronic surveying method – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – also known as “robocalls” - and demographically balanced commercial internet panels (capturing the growing number of Likely Voters who no longer have landline telephones) to collect our nightly survey responses.

Unlike Election Day “exit polls” and certain competing pollsters who use live human callers (calling themselves “gold standard” pollsters because of this), both of our methods are designed to preserve survey respondent personal privacy – just like in the voting booth.

We believe that this privacy-focused approach is a key reason for our recently reported superior 15+ year record of continuous accuracy.

Our critics are of course welcome to provide our readers with a superior 15+ year published record of public polling accuracy.  They can’t.

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