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Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama's job performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) disapprove (see trends).

The latest figures include 24% who Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 39% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15.

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The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hold a hearing today on a case that could decide the fate of same-sex marriages in all 50 states. Support for gay marriage nationally has fallen to its lowest level in over a year, with voters now almost evenly divided on the issue.

The media is giving wall-to-wall coverage to the race riot in Baltimore over a black suspect’s death in police custody. Sixty-three percent (63%) of voters think media coverage of incidents like this is making it more dangerous for police officers to do their jobs

Seventy percent (70%) believe the level of crime in low-income inner city communities is a bigger problem in America today than police discrimination against minorities

But there are clear racial differences in perception when it comes to the police and the justice system. Eighty-two percent (82%) of black voters think most black Americans receive unfair treatment from the police. White voters by a 56% to 30% margin don’t believe that’s true. Other minority voters are evenly divided.

The number of voters who think the country is heading in the right direction has fallen to its lowest level since mid-December.

Most voters suspect that the government's failure to stop a flood of young illegal immigrants from entering the country last year will lead to more of the same in the warm months ahead. 

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Congress is debating whether to give the president more power to negotiate free trade deals with other countries. Opponents argue that U.S. workers need protection from cheaper foreign labor. We’ll tell you at 10:30 a.m. Eastern today whether Americans prefer free markets or protectionism – and whom they think is really calling the shots in the free trade debate.

Americans are a little less enthusiastic about free trade, even though they admit it’s better for consumers. But they’re also more likely now to see it as a job killer.

Despite the president’s acknowledgement last week that a U.S. drone attack on an al-Qaeda camp killed two hostages, including an American, voters remain strongly supportive of using the armed unmanned aircraft.

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Some readers wonder how we come up with our job approval ratings for the president since they often don’t show as dramatic a change as some other pollsters do. It depends on how you ask the question and whom you ask.

To get a sense of longer-term job approval trends for the president, Rasmussen Reports compiles our tracking data on a full month-by-month basis.

Rasmussen Reports has been a pioneer in the use of automated telephone polling techniques, but many other firms still utilize their own operator-assisted technology (see methodology).

Daily tracking results are collected via telephone surveys of 500 likely voters per night and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. To reach those who have abandoned traditional landline telephones, Rasmussen Reports uses an online survey tool to interview randomly selected participants from a demographically diverse panel. The margin of sampling error for the full sample of 1,500 Likely Voters is +/- 2.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Results are also compiled on a full-week basis and crosstabs for full-week results are available for Platinum Members.

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