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What America Thinks: Voters OK Override of Obama Veto - Congress came together this week to successfully override one of President Obama’s rare vetoes. At issue is a bipartisan bill that would allow victimized American families to sue Saudi Arabia if it can be proven the government there had ties to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 54% favor allowing these Americans to sue in U.S. courts. Just 25% are opposed.

Obama vetoed the bill earlier this week on foreign policy grounds, one of only 12 vetoes of his presidency, but the House and Senate, in a rare bipartisan effort, banded together to reject that veto. It was the first ever override of an Obama veto. 59% of voters believe that even if the president vetoes legislation, Congress should keep pushing it if most of the members are in favor. For once, it seems like Congress did just what voters wanted.

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