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The Rasmussen Minute: Trump v. Obama - Saving Carrier - Last week, former President Obama set the modern-day record for presidents sent out to pasture criticizing their successors. Only 10 days into President Trump's first term, Obama issued a statement denouncing the new president's temporary travel ban on refugees from seven countries the State Department has identified as terrorist havens. Ironically, it was the Obama State Department that compiled that list.

The history books will show that this isn't the first time these two very different and dominant world-stage players have clashed. And it won't be the last.

One donnybrook between Obama and Trump during the presidential campaign was their head-to-head debate on the specific issue of manufacturing jobs leaving America for Mexico.

Seemingly baffled by Trump's claims that he could bring hundreds, if not thousands, of these jobs back, Obama wondered aloud how the newcomer could possibly do it. “What magic wand does he have?” Obama asked.

Check out Trump's response in the latest Rasmussen Minute.

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