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The Rasmussen Minute: Trump's Racist Past? - Since Donald Trump officially declared himself a candidate for the presidency of the United States in 2015, there has been a constant drumbeat of allegations coming from Democrats and certain members of the media claiming that the former tycoon and businessman is a dyed-in-the-wool racist.

Trump, of course, has rejected the allegations as nonsense. But is it possible that the real estate magnate, who spent his entire adult life prior to being elected president preening for cameras and attention in the media-hot fishbowl of New York City, may have left video evidence showing disdain for those who are not white like him?

Join this week's Rasmussen Minute as we daylight seldom seen videotape footage of Trump talking about blacks and minorities in New York City back in the 1990s as we search for proof to determine whether or not President Trump is, in fact, a racist.

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