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The Rasmussen Minute: Tariffs and Trade Wars and Trump (Oh My) - President Trump just can't stop upsetting the apple cart. This time, it was the Disrupter-In-Chief's March 8th signing of an order imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from all foreign countries--except Canada and Mexico--that curled the collective hair of the president's many critics.

While Trump declared the tariffs a means to correcting devastating trade imbalances while protecting America's workers and national security, his opponents slammed the move as likely to start a trade war that would actually hurt the United States and kill American jobs instead. To complicate matters more, 46% of Americans say their fellow countrymen don't even know what a tariff is.

Join the Rasmussen Minute this week as we put on our hard hats and take a closer look at the high-stakes game of international tariffs and potential trade wars.

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