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Rasmussen Reports To Develop Programming With Telco Productions

For Immediate Release by Telco Productions

Santa Monica, CA - Telco Productions, Inc. has partnered with national pollster Scott Rasmussen and his electronic media company, Rasmussen Reports, to develop news programming for syndication. Telco and Rasmussen’s first venture is a one-minute polling analysis vignette produced specifically for local newscasts. The project will draw upon Rasmussen Reports independent public opinion polling data on the latest political, business and lifestyle issues.

 “We are excited about bringing Scott’s expertise and polling analysis to national syndication. I feel these vignettes will add a special dimension to any newscast, giving local viewers a timely reading of public opinion on a variety of topical issues,” said Alex Paen, President of Telco Productions. “The vignettes are offered on a barter basis, with a 15-second national sponsor to be aired in the nearest commercial break block,” added Paen.

“We’re happy to be working with Telco, a company with a long history of successful national syndication,” stated Rasmussen. “Alex’s news background and understanding of this space, combined with our data resources, makes it a perfect fit for timely news reporting on headline issues.”

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Rasmussen is a noted author, analyst, and speaker cited by virtually every major media outlet across the country. His company’s website, www.rasmussenreports.com, and social media feeds are followed by millions of Americans and others throughout the world.

Telco Productions currently has eleven shows in national syndication. A complete list of Telco’s program offerings can be found on the company website.  www.telcoproductions.com 

Contact: Telco Productions, Inc.

2730 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 200, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Telephone (310) 828.4003  Fax (310) 828.3340 

Email  info@telcoproductions.com

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